Saturday 18 September 2010

Oh no they're back!

Howdy Bloggettes!

Well you'll never believe this! Its only happened again those wretched aliens have struck again! I mean three times now who'd believe it....

OK so really I've been away for a few days, yup I've been to Vegas with the girls! Erm that's Skeg-Vegas actually ;)) To the uninitiated among you its other name is Skegness. We had a few days golfing. It was fab! We didn't get too wet either which is always a bonus.

Now while I was there I decided to visit the National Parrot Zoo cum sanctuary. Now I've read lots of things about this place. Not all of them good I have to say. However on the other hand where and what would have happened to all these birds if they hadn't took them? There is much controversy that they charge people to go in and see them, yes I agree they should charge something. I know from first hand experience parrots are not a cheap pet! I just found it quite sad that at one time these birds had spent time in peoples homes and now here they were in aviaries full of other birds. Plus the part of the country they're in gets mighty cold in winter.... some of them aren't fully clothed with feathers either :(( Then they said they don't take all of those ones in in the winter either. They do sell peanuts in shells for visitors to feed them. Now I don't give these to my girls because of the risk of fungal spores. Instead I took a couple of kilos of grapes!

So a few photos

This is one of the aviaries containing African Greys. Lots of these were coming and saying things like 'hello baby', it was actaully quite upsetting, but they all loved a grape. I wish I'd taken more.

Now look at this little guy without his feathers on! He should really be inside. The staff tell people that if your parrot plucks it will stop when it moves into a flock situation. Well sorry but I don't believe it as there's lots there which are plucked.

There was a couple of aviaries full of cockatoos. Now this little darling really really wanted a grape. He couldn't eat one though as he has a metal ring stuck on his beak! A rusty old thing it looks too, the staff had no idea until I told them. I also told the owner Steve Nichols - I intend to phone and see if its been removed. Poor chickie

So if you're passing and you call please don't buy the peanuts, take grapes instead! As many as you can the birds love them and they're much better for them. If you see something not right - tell the staff!


Now a new challenge has just launched over at Totally Gorjuss This week we want to see something wild! And what's wilder than a bear? OK so this specimen is a particularly cute teddy bear but hey its a bear! And bears are wild.... Oh this week its sponsored by Crafters Companion.

So this little beastie has been Copic'd and the lush Wild Orchid Crafts gardenias have been given the sparkle treatment.

A little close up to show the hint of a sparkle on the flowers. I'm pretty pleased with my bow too! I'm getting pretty good at them now..... I only had to tie it about 20 times.....


tracy said...

it is a shame that there is a need for these places-but they are needed:( hope the ring got removed.

cute little bear:)

Esme said...

Awww that is really sad to see all those African Greys in that aviary. My best friend's family have one, and he's a lovely chap - bit shy around strangers, but if you're in the next room you can hear him talking to the TV, and he laughs a lot. So intelligent, and they talk to him all the time (some of it rubs off)! At least they will take them, like you said, but not good if they have health problems that aren't being addressed (says the vet). Glad you pointed things out to them, and I hope they've sorted the poor bird with the ring on his beak.

On a craftier note, I love that card - I stamped a few of those teddies myself the other day....not got round to colouring yet...

Esme x

Karen said...

Oh Net....I know that there has to be a place like this for them but oh I am upset :( Apart from the silly idea of giving them peanuts in shells, blady parrots & rings on beaks (which is outragous...surely the keeper would have noticed that!) there seem to be too many birds in one enclosure :( When I was in Australia I saw many many flocks of wild happy parrots, a lovely sight. People just should NOT take them on unless they have been thoroughly vetted themselves!!!! er...rant over!!!

Loving your card my lovely. Oh & I thought you really had gone to Las Vegas hahahahahahaha tho its a long way for a few days hahahaha HUGS XXX

Hazel said...

That's a lush card, Net - and the bow is perfect - lol! x

Traceyr said...

That is shocking that the staff didn't realise that the cockatoo had a ring on his beak - glad you but them straight.


Billie said...

Hi Net

Oh we think the same with birds, you and I. Its great these places give the birds shelter but it does break you heart to see them in there. On the other hand, better that they are in nice big avierys than in tiny cages where they can't fly or open their wings. All to often these magnificent birds are kept in too small a cage and its torture for them. :(

So sad to see the fella with the plucked feathers, poor chap. Hopefully with time he will adjust and heal his head. Its stress thats the biggest cause isn't it. People can be the best friend or the worst enemy to birds can't they.

Ignorance kills, do your reading first before you buy a bird, people!!

I'll be soapbox Sam with you any day ;)



tiggertastic said...

i found this so upsetting to read, we lost our little baby girl to PDD 1 year ago.
chole was a blue fronted Amazon and sadly had the terminal illness which took her life at such a young age (5)


lovely cards tho hun and a it was nice to spend some time on your blog tonight

sarah xx
tiggertastic blog