Tuesday 25 January 2011

I'd like you to meet someone and WOYWDW

Well howdy there Bloggettes - well what a lovely day today, well yesterday was! I say that as by the time this gets published it'll be Wednesday and I'm talking about Tuesday which because I've not been to bed yet is still today.... Confused yet? I am and I'm supposed to know what I'm on about! Heck sometimes I do....it just doesn't seem to be often that's all, I'm a natural blonde remember folks.

So to start with a few pictures of my special babies! To start with my big baby girl Harry! Look at that dirty face! Yup at the moment blueberries are her FAVOURITEST fruit. She digs through the dish to find them.... and chucks what she doesn't want out! I think that's how she ends up with it on the top of her head...

At the same time Little Missy Nippy Knickers also known as Princess Tinker was enjoying treat, I was in the same room next to her and didn't get chomped.... She isn't on my knee though the Big L was sat next to me and she's on his. Yes I know she looks a sweet innocent baby....

Another one of Harry... just because I can ;))

So who's this person I want you to meet? Well you remember my little buddy Lumpy? Well Lumpy was telling me how lonely he was.... poor boy..... so I made him a little friend.

I'd like to introduce Olivia! Olivia is quite a tiny girl, I popped the Crafters International Size Gauge next to her. I think she's kind of sweet....

So here's the happy couple amid my chaos. Its a good job they aren't big.... they'd never fit on there!

Here they are having a look at an image I've coloured for an upcoming Work In Progress piece, the papers are picked but I'm not showing you them yet ;))

You remember the pic of Tinker looking like an angel? Well if you look at Harry in the foreground nice and chilled.... check Tinker out in the background!

Hey Momma you lookin' at me?!

I said you lookin' at me?!!

Yup in the last pic the little Madam had got her fluffy pants on! Which always means trouble!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my desk - this week I'll try to get to see more of yours!

Could you imagine having the hooligans on my desk? ~gasps and faints~


Create With Joy said...

Oh how sweet - I love your colorful birds! Good thing I'm making the rounds this week and not my boys, lol!


Helen said...

They are lovely !

tracy said...

hehe your girls are characters aren't they :)
loving lumpy's companion :)

Gez Butterworth said...

awe, Olivia is soooo CUTE! & looks like the perfect gal for lumpy.. watch this space there will be little uns running around before we know it!! Lovely to see Harry looking so well Net & enjoying her food..can't wait to show my lot when they get in later today. :) As for Tinker.. she looks as gorgeous as ever even with her fluffy pants on! Hope you didn't get nipped!! Keep warm my dear friend.. it's not much warmer this side of the Pennines I can tell you!! Gez.xx

Karen said...

Awe I am so pleased that you made a friend for Lumpy. Olivia certainly looks like his sort of gal :D

Awe...what a mess the blueberries make hahahahaha always love to see birdy pics!!!


Kaz said...

Fab photos of the girls Net. Love Olivia too x

Caroline said...

Fab photos and love Lumpy and Olivia!

Angelnorth said...

Olivia is cute - a complete star in fact! ;o)

Hazel said...

Great pictures. Glad to see that Lumpy has got a friend - and she is gorgeous x

Annie said...

I love your little friends of the feathered and fabric variety :-)
A x

karen said...

Your birds are beautiful! Ha ha, love the "fluffy pants"!
And Olivia is very sweet! So nice that Lumpy now has a friend :)
xoxo Karen (#117)

Sarah said...

Well - he is a bobby-dazzler! Not camera shy either. Loving the Olivia and Lumpy too!

Sarah (sasa)

Traceyr said...

Your birds are as mad as you Net hahaha

Love the new creation, Olivia, she is really cute.


Samantha Ball - aka (Craftychick74) said...

Thanks for sharing your bird with us!

Sam # 26

Anonymous said...

Love the photos, although Harry looks like she's killed someone in the first one!

Olivia is a little cutiepie.

Lisa xoxo

okienurse said...

I am happy lumpy has olivia now! Harry and Tinker are so cute! I have a African grey parrot grandbird called Nyassa. Nyassa is such a sweet heart I keep praying his parents will pack up and take a trip so I can take care of him! He has two siblings, 4 legged cat variety that he rides roughshod on and keeps them on the straight and narrow. Thanks for sharing today. Vickie #59

MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

I think I will settle for my two hooligans, who will eat anything that lands on the floor. I cannot believe you can create with those beautiful distractions around.

Marjo said...

Gorgeous Birds, love the Magnolia in progress. WOnderful workspace.

Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #7

Janice said...

Olivia is looking very good! Your sewing skills are definitely improving lol ;) Birdies are entertaining as always.

Janice said...

Olivia is looking very good! Your sewing skills are definitely improving lol ;) Birdies are entertaining as always.

BrossArtAddiction said...

What a gorgeous bird, beautiful pic you took! Adorable little plushies too!

I have blog candy on my blog if you would like to take a peek!
BrossArt Addiction's Blog Candy!!

Happy be-lated WOYWW and
Thanks for the peek! :D