Saturday 24 December 2011

Its Chrissstmasssss

Well surprise surprise! Its me that's the surprise not that its Christmas, I mean that happens every year right? Seemingly more often than I blog lately. I promise to try and do better next year... is that a threat or a promise though? lol

So I thought I'd show you a bit of what I've been up to.

So these babies are almond and mincemeat macaroons. I think they smell lovely - I hate mincemeat though!

Then there were the mini mince pies. Don't they look fab? Fiddly though as then I to specially make teeny tiny boxes.... Each one is just under an inch across.

Oh and mince pies.... I made hundreds of these! Oh and there were none left for the family either... do you think I should make them some?

Now I make a few parrot cards ;))

These lovely stamps are by Stampotique they have a huge range of stamps these days! So here's a few I made.

These are by a super young artist called Kylie Diorio - I think she's really captured what parrots are about in her drawings. Now some of them are designated as one bird.... I've used my artistic licence to make them something else.

These were actually two love birds, here I've done an African Grey and a Senegal ;))

This guy is down as an Amazon - here he's an African Grey.

Love birds into Caiques! Well I had to didn't I?

I do like this one, the Amazon is dictating his Christmas list!

Now if Mr Blogger has played nicely.... there should be a little clip if Tinker with her new favourite thing.... A long cardboard tube! She sticks her head down it and growls and whistles. She'll do it for ages and ages. Note Harry bouncing along the tube to join in!

So folks that's all from me - oh please all have a fabulous Christmas!


Karen said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your parrot cards !!!!! OMG wish I was nearer so that I could be your official taster for these scrummy bakes hahaha xxx

Kath said...

Baking looks fabulous. I like your cards and isn't it wonderful what you can do with a cardboard tube???????????

I am about to convert one to a toy for my son's cat.

Traceyr said...

I love mincepies Net send some down here. Love the bird cards too. :)

tracy said...

yummy-i could just eat a macaroon :)
great cards net :)

Hazel said...

Super parrot cards and lots of lovely baking (although you can keep the mince pies ... can't stand them) x