Thursday 27 December 2012

What is this deserted place?

~ pushes open door and coughs in the dust ~

Wow what is this place?  Surely not the long abandoned Caique-Momma blog?  Well I've found my way back again!  Yay they shout at the back.... or was that boo???

Well if anyone does drop by and read this I promise to be back real soon with a catch up whats happened these past months.  There's been some very sad news but as a start to the upcoming new year there's going to be a nice surprise too.

See ya'll 

Net -x-


Karen said...

Hi sweetie! Lovely to see you found your blog again! But sorry to read that you have had sad times. Hope you are recovering from your pleurisy, HUGS xxx

Elizabeth P said...

I´ll be back to read your new posts Net! we have a resolution in common for the new year! :)

Hazel said...

Good to see you back here again. Please make sure that you don't stay away again - look forward to seeing your next post xx

Hazel said...

When you coming back then, Net? xx

Hazel said...

Looking forward to you coming back.

H x