Tuesday 15 January 2013

Hi there reader.... well if anyone is reading that is....  Mind you if not I can rabbit away to myself all day!  Its always a result as of course I always agree with myself!

Now while I was away on my Blogidays, which isn't where you blog everyday its where you don't.... The cause of this is while we were away on holiday my beautiful girl Harry was taken away to Rainbow Bridge.  I was devastated and to be honest it took blogging right out of my system and then the habit kind of went away too.  I think I felt worse (if that's possible) because we were on holiday at the time and kind of felt like I'd abandoned her.  Even though she was as fit as a fiddle seemingly when we went.  I have to say my friend who looks after them is brilliant and it was just one of those things and was connected to her previous illness.  When they say parrots hide illnesses they sure do!  So a couple of photos of my beautiful girl who I miss every day.

Then a couple of months later Jasper's illness worsened and I had to take him to be put to sleep.  A horrible task but necessary.

So blogging went right on the back back burner.

So we were left with Tinker who'd always had a friend.  So decided to get another little girlie to keep 'her' company.   So we got a little girlie to do just that.  So here's Polly.  She weighs a tiny 129 grammes.  Bigger than when we got her by a whole 5 grammes!

And yes she's as cheeky as she looks!  Polly is still a caique but a black headed one.

Oh and we'd had her two days when the vet phoned with more results of Tinkers tests after we lost Harry.  Tinker is a boy!  So we've got a boy and a girl!   Which we had with Harry obviously but we were assured by the man who sold us Tinker that he was a she!  I think the bugger just told us what we wanted to hear.   But they like each other and are in separate cages till she's more grown up.

Polly is a sweetheart and behaves very like Harry - maybe its a hen thing?  Or perhaps just a bit of a Mummy's girl...

Oh she likes doing may hair just like Harry did.  Now if Tinker were to this I'd be screaming - he'd be taking lumps of flesh out!

So that's me back in blogland!


Kat said...

Hi Net, couldn't resist looking at Polly doing your hair. Isn't she sweet?! Sorry to hear about Harry and then Jasper too. In 2010 we lost our Cocker Spaniel who was nearly 15 and then 6 months later we lost our chocolate Labrador who was only 10. I hate it when you have to take a much loved pet to the vet. You can't replace them but another one does help, doesn't it.

So I hope this is you back to blogging your lovely cards again.

Looking forward to seeing more of Polly.

Kat xx

Kathy said...

It's good to see you back blogging Net. Lovely to see your new feather-baby in action

Kath said...

well she's a busy little bird isn't she? Very pretty too.

Kaz said...

I hope she doesn't leave you any presents in your hair!!!
She's a cutie Net xx

Traceyr said...

Oh Net your poor hair style! Tell her she is no Vidal Sassoon. :)

Hazel said...

Sorry for the reasons that kept you away from blogland, but glad to see you back and, you see, there are some of us who read. Polly is already quite a character - look forward to seeing more of her antics! x