Monday 21 January 2013


Oh my gawd! How much flipping snow are we getting!!!  Currently my garden is covered in about 8 inches of it!  Which centimeters for you metric types is a lot!  I mean its a lot too much for me.

My poor outside birdies are scoffing as much food as we give them.  Poor things :(

So here's my latest card for the challenge at Totally Gorjuss  This week the challenge is KISS which as we all know is Keep It Simple Silly/Stupid....  One of my most (un)favourite themes!  I mean all that unadorned space!!! EEK!  I mean what kind of muppet picked that as a theme.... Oh yes that'll be me then.... you know when you have a brilliant idea to challenge yourself?  Sounds so good when you first type is.... then at some stage you actually have to do something about it!  Then its not a clever idea at all.

So my idea is shamelessly lifted from Marion Emberson I also used her stamps too.  Stamp, swish of glitter, bit of ribbon, bling and done!  pop over and check out the other cards, they're much better than mine!

Now as you know (and if not why not???)  We have a couple of calm, well behaved, placid parrots.... OK they're lunatic nutter parrots!  Now obviously my crafting has rubbed off on them.  Now they've not taken up card making or sewing.  No they've decided on wood carving.  Look what the little buggers have done to one of my doors!

Just to be fair they've done the other side to match too!  This is when they were being watched, in the loosest sense of the word obviously, by the OM.

Here's little Polly.  Now this isn't her cage she's just been for a visit to Tinkers cage to see if there was anything different in there to hers!

You know the bit I said about lunatic? Well Tinker has a bit of a thing for tubes....any tubes... he sticks his head in them and growls! And he'll do it for ages!

So an easy way to keep him occupied!

Have fun in the snow folks!


Angelnorth said...

CAS is great for Christmas cards - no extra postage costs! Yours looks lovely, embrace the white space!

Kath said...

I love CAS. Elegant.

Traceyr said...

hahaha how mad is Tinker?

Love your Christmas card Net you have coped with the "simple" theme really well.