Monday 27 October 2008

Stuff and well stuff

Well here I am loyal Blogettes, gee I hope someone is reading this! Still if no one is I've had a little blogging practice, which I surely need! Hopefully this time my pictures will appear where I want them not where Blogger thinks they should be! Working on that theory I reckon Blogger must be male! I mean otherwise they would go in the right spot - wouldn't they?

So a busy day here at Caique-Momma towers. As well as actually making stuff - like it says in the title people - I've also been baking again. I'm doing an evening selling market tomorrow so I got to bake. All for the ladies of the Womens Institute! And boy are some of them scary! And funny too I mean I just pee my pants with laughter as they come and scrutinise the cakes and then say 'how much???!!! I could make it cheaper myself' Well I smile and think 'yes go and do that then DEAR' They always come back and buy some so I don't know why we have to go through the same rigmarole each time. probably makes them feel better somehow I suppose.

Enough of my whinging - now this is what I made today (please put the photos on Mr Blogger!)

As you can see (fingers crossed) its a Christmas planner, which is a laugh really as I NEVER plan anything! I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal ~checks yes am wearing pants~ I was kind of sprawled on the couch watching X Factor and the idea somehow came into my head. So off I trotted, well crawled really, remember I had been sprawled and a trot never ever follows a sprawl. So I rooted for my mountboard got cutting and away I went. I only did one real stupid thing, which of course I will strenously deny if asked later ;)) I put the dam BIA wires in the wrong way so my book wouldn't close! So I made another discovery then, if you prise them off carefully, and that's the operative word Bloggettes you can re-use your wires! So a result there lol

My OM even complimented me on it and he didn't notice that there is one teeny tiny kink in the wire. Believe me he is the first, no second to spot any hint of wonkyness in my work. I usually spot it but then ignore it if its not a sale piece!

So Bloggettes - love how I say it in the plural! It might be Bloggette in the singular or would that be Bloggee I wonder? Whatever I do hope you've not nodded off and gone face down on your keyboard. I mean how long would it take for qertyuiop to fade off your forehead?


Calv said...

That is a cool idea Net! I just know it would never get used inmy house though, i promise every year to plan for next xmas....and does it happen? :)

Love the colours on this. Btw, i think your cakes are worth whatever you charge lol, i'm still licking my lips from that choccy one 3 years ago! :)

Lynn said...

It's great Net! I always try to be organised but it never works for me... would look pretty on my desk though!

Unknown said...

You are hilarious and so original - and yes, it takes time but you can wriggle the wires off and re-use them.

My record (so far) was six times on my first piece!

And I used to belong to the WI and got so despondent at the same kind of reaction you get.

Great work - love it - off to read all your posts now

BTW if you find a UK supplier of those flat bangles could you pass on the info - would love to have a go.

Nikki said...

Love it... great read and great project..

I too never plan anything.. so not sure it would work in this house.. although I may give it a go and call it an alternative planner...

Love the WI comment...

Hazel said...

Well, there are obviously some of us blogettes tuning in! Love the planner (I'm not planned enough atm to make one). Your blog's looking good!

Melissa said...

I lurve that planner Net!

Janice said...

This is fab Net! I did a challenge on Bubbly Funk for peeps to create a planner, maybe you could link it in there to let them see what you made? I'm sure they would love it too.

Gez Butterworth said...

Lovely planner Net.
You've had me in stitches!!!
Lovely blog. xx

Karen said...

Thats great Net!!! i love reading your blog...you are so funny!!! X