Friday 9 January 2009

Black, blue with a touch of red!

Hi Bloggettes!

Are you wondering about the title? I hope so..... I'll take that as a yes then! Well it refers to two things the colour of my latest birthday book and the colour of my back and bum! Why is her bum that colour you ask.. you are asking aren't you? Well I managed to do the most spectacular triple salko with a double toe loop and a twist with a treble pike the other day. Unfortunately this amazing move ended up with me on my derrière! hence the colour of it. Well its not only black, blue and red there's also hints of green, purple and yellow too! All the way from my shoulder to the back of my knee. Oh and on my elbows too. If I'm going to fall I do it properly! Oh I also do it in front of people too! Not for me the anonimity of going flat on my arse and getting up before I'm spotted... oh no I perform before an audience.... By all accounts it was eyecatching. My 'friend' said it was a shame she didn't have her video camera with her! All heart some people aren't they? The fall did prove one thing my bum obviously isn't as big as I thought, I mean if it was I'd have bounced about 30 feet in the air!

Anyway enough of my scrapes - I can sense you nodding off!

So heres my latest birthday book (the true meaning of the title). I thought these colours would work well together and I think they did. I didn't opt for a stamp on the front. This time a plethora of Primas. I put that many on I almost fainted and glued myself to the cover so as not to part with them! Now I need to buy more as I'm almost out of small white ones. Indeed I'm down to my last dozen bottle altogether - and THAT simply will not do!

This is my close up 'arty' shot - I think these are getting a bit better!

Those small flowers aren't actually orangey in real life by the way!

This shows the pages inside alternate red and black.

So my Bloggettes there is todays treat for you! Off for another soak in the bath to ease my bruises, if I'm not careful I might end up wrinkley (er!).


cookcreateread said...

Ooooh that is birthday book is gorgeous!! Love the colour combo ... though possibly not for a bottom! Hope you're not too sore ...

Kath said...

Your book is ,as usual, gorgeous. I hope you are feeling better after your fall and the bruises are disappearing quickly. You are being very courageous to laugh about it but I bet it hurt just the same.
Kath x

Linnie said...

fantabulas love it, you will just have to luv your bum for a bit show it a little respect

Angelnorth said...

Looks fab but definitely a colour combo best kept for papercrafting rather than bums! Hope your bruises heal up quickly!

Janice said...

love these colours, it's even better than the last one.

Kaz said...

Net I love your birthday books. I have laughed at you nearly glueing yourself to the bottle, I get panicky if I get low on primas too!! But you can't ever have too many can you?!!

Di said...

Fab colour combo, great stuff Net x

Hazel said...

Another lovely book. Hope the bruises ease soon. x

tracy said...

what a fab book,i love the flowers on the front :)
i did like your story of the bruises (i'm sorry but i did chuckle!) hope they get better soon :)

Jane said...

Your book is very pretty - the colours are lovely.
Sorry to hear about your 'tumble'. As I was reading I did wonder if you were going to post a picture of those colour combinations!
Next time wear those triple padded winceyette bloomers you bought recently!
Hope you're feeling better now


Sarah said...

What a gorgeous birthday book, just love that colour combo! Hope your behind is better!