Monday 19 January 2009

My first DT shows!

Hiya Bloggettes from a wet, windy, cold and decidedly chilly Yorkshire! Rest assured all is warm and cosy in Caique Momma Towers though. I really hope the snow they've threatened us with fails to arrive.

So here you are a couple of things I've done using the all new Helping Hands Templates background CD. These are just a couple of things I knocked together last night. Oh that sounds so blase! Seriously they're easy to use, pop in the CD, select your scene and print - if I can do it it must be easy!!! I am seriously un-techy!!!

So the first one is a kitchen, a stamped image of a little girl and her cookies - I think she's rather cute. She's raised a little on foam pads.

Next! lol

This is a garden (obviously!) Isn't this pretty? This is how I wished my garden looked! Just like a little secret room at the bottom of your garden where you can sit and while away the hours.... ~sighs~ as if!

I really like this background! Looks lovely on its own. I have a few other ideas for this little baby later! Again a stamped image on foam pads and a sentiment treated the same way. Some thing that's created a quick and easy card which still looks effective.

You can go here and see more DT samples using the CD. The images all have the appearance of being painted in watercolours and are really versatile.

Now a little indulgence - this little beauty is my Harry!
And of course little Missy Tinker!

I mean who could believe that a little cutie like this would have chewed the corners off my mantelpiece?..... How could I even think she'd do that? or the doors for that matter, the picture frames, the chairs, the leather suite.....:-((


Sarah said...

Great makes Net and nice to meet your babies!!

maddy hill said...

wow i love your card Net ! what a fab DT make ! and such a creative use of the background with the stamp i love it ! ... like your little fella too !

Calv said...

Great cards Net, i love that stamp.

Background goes perfectly with it.

Hazel said...

Great crafting for the DT, Net. Harry looks so innocent, I can't imagine she does all those things! x

camcraft said...

Fabulous makes Net :-) Especially the kitchen one, super indeed. Love the stamped image too. So love your babies too :-)

Karen said...

WOW....I love what you have made Net, what brilliant materials to work with!

Of course Harry steals the show X

Angelnorth said...

Love the kitchen scene with the cookie baker!

Di said...

Beautiful work Net, I really love the kitchen scene, that is simply gorgeous xx

Ellen said...

that kitchen looks really 3d , what a clever background it goes so well with that image

Kathy said...

Great cards Net - especially the kitchen one - love that.
Those birdies are soooo cute!

Kate said...

Net I LOVE the card (the kitchen one) and your birdies are sooo cute - you would never have thought they would have eaten half of your house.

Gez Butterworth said...

Great cards Net. I've only just spotted these beauties tonight! The colours are great. Love the cookie girl.
Awe your birds are to cute for words. :)