Monday 2 February 2009


Hiya Bloggettes - are you blessed with the white stuff? Or in my opinion cursed? I love snow but only on postcards and television! I mean we get an inch and the country grinds to a halt lol! I did have a few errands to run today, Hmmmmm?? somehow I don't think they'll get done! Its snowing again as I type... those big fluffy flakes that soon settle. Well no matter the heating is ON and I have plenty to do, when don't I?

So I'll show you a few cards I've done. These are all the same basic design just with different papers. Now I saw this design on a challenge blog and thought how nice the sketch looked..... so I faithfully drew the sketch and made the cards. Et voila! Here there are.... however being a plonker I forgot to write down the name of which blog it was! hahahaha! Typical. I often see challenges and think I'll have a go at that and then forget to note the sketch or the name of the blog or both. So this is actually an improvement as at least I noted the sketch!

These all use Cosmo Cricket (love that name!) papers, Prima flowers, sticky pearls, nestabilitie shapes and Martha Stewart branch punch outs - thanks for the punch Rachel ;)) I then did the faux stitching on the bottom which I have to admit I'm not too keen on, but its on now so its staying!

And now for Karen a couple of gratuitous pics of my babies! Firstly we have Harry, she's enjoying a almond. I love how she holds it in her foot, well they're almost like hands when they're eating. She's nicely showing off her bracelet too!

Missy Norty Britches!!! or Tinker eating hers. She's a little piggy and scoffs hers really quickly! She'll then try her baby routine and try and get some off Harry! It used to work when she was a baby and she'd do the begging routine. Harry has now cottoned on that Tinker isn't really a baby any more and isn't quite so keen on the sharing thing! Parrots aren't always good at sharing, a bit like kids! This can result in lots of noise indeed! This time they both managed to eat only their own.

So my Bloggettes I hope you all stay safe and warm in this cold weather - I may venture out later and take some snowy photos for you!


maddy hill said...

Net , lovely cards - and my fav is the second one - i happen to like that stitching !

I love cosmo cricket too ... fab choice !

Sue said...


and of course I have POSH BIRDS PMSL xx


Gez Butterworth said...

Gorgeous cards Net. The stitching looks fabulous. Just finishes the cards off nicely. :)

Awe, your babies look so sweet. :)

We'd love to see your snowy pics. From your window of course. ;o)hehe!!

Gez. XX

Angelnorth said...

The cards look fab, what a lovely sketch! Love the flower clusters and the branch punch outs just finish them off nicely! Can I have an almond too, please? :o)

Beth said...

Aww, sweet photo of your gorgeous bird and holding an almond too. XX

Hazel said...

Nice cards, Net - great sketch. x