Thursday 5 February 2009

How to bathe the caique way

Hi Bloggettes!

Its still snowy here, well more snowy actually as we had a shed load more today. So I've given myself a week off market baking. Instead I've done something for us. Steak pie and I've also made some bread. I've not done bread for yonks. Its in the oven now - I can't wait to have the first piece still hot from the oven plastered with butter! Yum yum!

Well after Tinkers blackberry tutorial Harry wanted to get in on the act! We had a big discussion over what she could do. We decided against such things as 'chewing the door' 'pooing on Mum!' (yes both of those things happen). In the end we came up with 'bathing; the caique way'

So I'll hand over to Harry.

Right people first of all you get your pet human to get the water to just the right temperature. Then stand underneath the tap, on their hand of course.

Turn around a few times until you're really soaked. Then we come to the really exciting bit!


No HARDER! The idea is to soak the human too, oh and as much of the kitchen as you can as well. I say soak the human because I have never seen them having a bath in the sink. Mummy says they do it in a special one upstairs. I don't know if that's true because I've not seen it. So how can it be right if I haven't? Anyway keep flapping as hard as you can. You know when you're finished because the human will look really bedraggled.

For the final step instruct your human to get your towel, that'll be the soft fluffy one that should be warming on the radiator! Place human on a chair and drape with said towel. They then stay there for an hour or so while you rub yourself dry.

I mean I think they're really lucky that I allow them to be so involved in my personal toilet habits!

Aren't my humans lucky?

Oh and if my Mummy says I stink when I'm wet she's wrong! I think I smell of roses!


Kaz said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha again!!!

Gez Butterworth said...

Awe, can't wait to show the kids tomorrow. Hope you didn't get too wet Net! :o)
Harry & Tinker are both too cute for words. xx

Liv said...
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Liv said...

oh, Harry is too cute!!! (I think I'm in love!! LOL)
And I saw Tinker's step-by-step on how to eat a blackberry. Hmm..I've never tried the part about rubbing what's on my face in mum's hair. It must mean I've been eating berries the wrong way all my life!
Thanks to Harry & Tinker for their tutorials! Very helpful! :P

Karen said...

hahahahahahahaha Go Harry!!! XXX

Sue said...

Your birds have a wicked sense of humour Net and a very good personal photographer.
Sue x

Linnie said...

terrific i love it bless her

Debbie Dolphin said...

Ha ha love this.My hubby was just looking over my shoulder and said ''are you on the budgie forum again!!!'' ha ha lol He didnt believe me when i said it was a crafting one.

Anonymous said...

just stopping by to say hi