Monday 23 March 2009

Wet parrots and Cute Daisy may!

Hi Bloggettes! A treat for you today, wet parrots - a treat for Gez and my DT entry for the Cute Daisy May Challenge. You can find all the DT entries here Aren't they smashing?

Naturally I have got my babies pictures first! Silly Blogger did put them all on twice for some reason.... usually he doesn't want to put any on. So double is a bonus I suppose.

First we have Tinker - she's just had a bath and is getting dry on her Daddy's shoulder. She doesn't really have a back like a stegosaurus!

Harry decided to snub the offer of a towel and opted to get dry in the sun while making sure no other birds came into her garden! 'Hmmm I might have to think what I'm going to do next?'

'Hey blackbird! get out of MY garden!' She doesn't miss much you know!

Finally! My card for this weeks challenge - we had to have something hidden. Now this was well out of my usual parameters! As usual when I wanted it my Mojo had decided to go AWOL. Little swine! So I sat and scratched my head for a bit.... like you do.... I had a look through my Daisy May images and picked this one - isn't she sweet? She was already coloured, Copics of course dahliing! ;)) So I decided to dive in! In a flurry of glue and paper this is what I came up with.
My hidden sentiment is the little flap that drops down - little blighter decided it preferred to be down though! I gave it a good creasing and threatened it with the scissors and hopefully it will behave now. Well when its dry anyway!
So there you are Bloggettes - are you going to come and play?


Hazel said...

Lovely card - like the little hidden bit. Your girls still manage to look beautiful even when wet x

Gez Butterworth said...

Hi Net - You had SUNSHINE!!!!

Awe bless your babies - they are so cute even when they are wet.

Hope Harry made short, sharp work of shoeing the blackbird away. :)

Amazing card Net. Love your secret flappy thingy. Awesome colouring.

Wish I had some knee socks like Daisy May's - wish I had legs like Daisy M's to put them in first. LOL.

Have a great week. XX

Di said...

Oh how sweet do your girls look, fabulous card too Net :-)

Karen said...

Daisy May is very sweet.....I can see her in multi-coloured socks!!! But I do love your card...very girlie!

Oh and I can never see too many pics of your babies! X

Linnie said...

beautiful card net love the colours
but i love the babies even morex

Kaz said...

Aaww lovely birdies! And lovely card too.

Aija said...

This looks so peppy! Bright and beautiful colours, love it!

Kathy said...

Fab photos Net.
That card works just great for the DCM doesn't it?

SueH said...

Great card Net......very pretty.

Lavender Rose said...

Just found your blog by clicking on a link on Cute Daisy May...just had a very enjoyable time looking at all your beautiful creations and the lovely photos of the beautiful Harry and Tinker, they are just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!