Wednesday 29 July 2009

Where's summer???

Oh my Bloggettes how depressing is this weather! Its absolutely pouring here - or coming down in stair rods, that might be a peculiar Yorkshire expression! Mind you it sums it up perfectly or another word which does that is vile! Bring back the sun.... PLEASE!!! So a thrilling day here in the rain, did I mention it was raining? My washing is in the dryer, because its raining, the cats mardy because he wants to go but because, did I mention its raining, doesn't want to go! He'll tried the back door, the front door, the conservatory and then them all again and is really disappointed because its raining at all of them!

So to cheer you up (I hope) I thought I'd show you a card I made using one of the new Gorguss Girls - I love this little plump fairy! She is just so cute. She is one of my favourites, well at the moment anyway.

She's been coloured with distress inks and H2O's so she has a subtle shimmery effect - naturally that doesn't show in my superb photography! ( You'll notice a lack of kitchen implements in the background lately sorry to everyone who liked to spot them!) I added a few flowers and punched leaves and was finished.

So now to really brighten your day a couple of photos of the girls!

This is little Tinker. She's having one of her favourite treats - an almond! You can see how she's holding it in her foot while she munches away. Her eyes are really half closed. A sign she's really really enjoying it, she also makes little 'Mmmmm' noises too.

Now you might remember the photos from the other day where Tinker was unpacking the shopping and Harry wouldn't help her? Well last night Harry was on laundry duty.

Now the things in the bottom of the basket were folded neatly! Harry decided though that they weren't folded to her strict specifications! It only took her a few moments to refold them!

'Right that's those sorted out properly - humans have no idea!'

So there you go anyone need a parrot to help them fold their laundry?


jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

the weather is the same on the wirral rain, rain, rain.We went to Chester zoo on monday they have fab blue parrots, I'm scared of little fluttery birds but not parrots or ducks, your card is beautiful and cheerful, I love this image too. janex

Kaz said...

I think I'll give your laundry fairy a miss Net! Fab card though.

Karen said...

Big AWES at Harry & Tinker!!!!

I love your card Net XXX

Traceyr said...

Sorry about the rain Net but it is all over the country - that is what you get when you live in Great Britain isn't it? lol

Thanks too for the offer of a laundry folder but I haven't got any to fold at the mo with all this rain. hahaha


Riet said...

What a beautiful card,i love the image and papers.

Hugs Riet.x

Emma said...

Hi Net,

Thanks so much for entering my blogy candy giveaway, Fingers crossed for you. Love this gorgeous ;D card and the beautiful vintage flowers make it look so special.

Emma x

Angelnorth said...

Love the layered flowers here Net, nice card!

Janice said...

We had the rain yesterday so I commiserate, it was stair rods!

Love the flowers round the image, lovely card.

Bev said...

Brilliant card hun and priceless pictures - those two are as barmy as their mam!! xxx

camcraft said...

Weather was appauling here yesterday .. sun been shinning brightly today here in Cambs. :-)
My youngest is petrified of birds .. she goes into a cold sweat just seeing them, if they move then she totally freaks out.
So love your card .. the colouring is awesome. I hav't got round to using distress inks for colouring.
Carole x

Gez Butterworth said...

Ooooooh gorgeous card Net. Its sooooo beautiful. Can you keep it somewhere safe til next June!!! ;-)

Hope Harry got some payment for her services. :-D