Wednesday 21 October 2009

Photo heavy!

Hi there Bloggettes!

Now more photos have been requested of our recent sojourn to La Belle France.

Pull up a pew.... I've had a mega session!

This is the old dove cote at the chateau. I find it quite amazing that they built it perfectly round. You can't see it but on the top is a carved dove.

Just a view across the valley towards the village of Rosay.

This is one of the fireplaces in the dining room - I did mean to take loads more pictures of the inside... however I didn't!

This is the little town of Saint Saens. Now it isn't a big place at all. However it did have three butchers, three bakers, a fish shop and two green grocers set around this pretty little square! Not like our towns at all!

Just one of the pretty little streets.

On our way back up to the tunnel we called in at Wimeraux. Now this is a lovely seaside town! Obviously as its the 'end of the season' and then some! Most things were closed. However we did find a super little cafe for lunch - I had a yummy goats cheese salad. I always smile at all the dogs who go in the cafes. When I had mine they'd have been on the tables!

These are the properties right on the promenade. I think they're really pretty - much nicer looking than what we generally have in this country. Not an amusement arcade in sight.

Rue General Marchand - this leads down to the promenade.

As you can see the sea was a little rough! Definitely no paddling! I think I'd have been washed right over to Dover!

Just looking up the promenade, the cafe we went in is just on the right.

All along the coastline are sign of the German occupation. I don't know why it has a blanket on this bunker though!

Right onto craft! (at last).

A friend of mine ordered a card with macaws on it! So this is what I came up with. Tilda stamp and coloured to show the different sorts. Laundry Line papers, and Nestie shapes.

As you look a scarlet, blue and gold and a greenwing macaw!

Oh and just for Kathy... look what OM got me!

Its even got its own bracelet! I think I might have to name this bag.... any ideas?

Oh and to finish (I hope you're still awake!) I was telling about my OM thinking he'd taken my photo but hadn't - well I did find one he'd taken......

As you can see he chopped my head off!

Hey perhaps its a subliminal message!


tracy said...

lovely photos there net :) great cards and a fabby bag :)

Angelnorth said...

Love the macaws! Holiday looks fab but maybe OH over-indulged in the French wines, did he? Just wondering if it might be the problem with aiming the camera ;o)

Kathy said...

Ohhh beach huts AND a lovely handbag all in one post! I need a new bag - been looking around but not found the right one yeet!
Honestly I do NEED a new one......

Great pic of you, Net - you're looking well - well, what I can see of you anyway

Macaw card is fab!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

fabby cards and photos and what a great bag. lol at your pic....more training needed :)

Hazel said...

Great macaws. and great photos (except the last one - but at least it shows us how slim you are now x

Karen said...

Brilliant photo's Net...I love little French towns...they have such pretty buildings. er...your hubby takes pics like my Dad, perhaps he can take another & cop your body off so you can join them hahaha

oh and the bag should definitely be called Karen's bag hahahaha You lucky girl! XX

Debbie said...

Great holidya photos Net...it looks like you visited some really pretty towns.
Your card is gorgeous..beautiful colouring and papers.
...and your a bag lady too! LOL I have quite a collection also!...and yes they all have names!
I think you should call her...yes it's a her cos she's wearing a braclet..'Scarlett'

Love 'n' Hugs Debbie x

Gez Butterworth said...

Hi Net....fabby photos.xx Oooh your cards are gorgeous colours - so bright & colourful. :-) As for your bag it looks almost as gorgeous as you. Take care tomorrow honey.xx

Traceyr said...

Hahahaha Oh Net tell your OM he has the sack! David Bailey he is NOT!!

Lovely photos of your holiday thanks for blogging them.

That bag is lovely but as to the name? I have no idea other than - Red! lol


Janice said...

Lovely Radley there Net. Lol at the photo taken by your OH.

Kaz said...

LMAO brilliant photo of you there Net. What's he like?

The card is fab.

And I love those French photos. Are you sure you went to France though, I could have sworn I saw red telephone boxes!!! xx