Saturday 17 April 2010

Oh charming!

Hi there Bloggettes! How are you enjoying this very mixed up weather? Warm/cold/windy/wet/freezing? All on the same day and often within a very short space of time too. Still it could be worse.... I mean it could be snowing! That would be awful, in my book anyway.

So I thought I'd pop on and tell you about our latest challenge over at Totally Gorjuss This week I asked the girls to show me their charms! Oo'er matron! And a fabulous job they did too.

I thoght I'd show you my little effort. I finally got to ink up one of my LOTV beauties. I love this little wedding couple! How sweet are they huh? I think the little groom has a very determined spring in his step indeed! I coloured them with Copics and added an embossed background and ~gasps here~ NO patterned paper! There was a perfectly good reason for that... I didn't have any in the shade I wanted! Me thinks that's a reason to go shopping right? Flowers of course from Wild Orchid.

Oh here's the 'arty' shot - I know you're splitting your sides at that comment.

Have a pop over to Totally Gorjuss and see what the Gorjussettes have made - they're all charming!

Now when the post came this morning the OM brought it in and left it on the worktop...... anyway 'someone' decided that Daddy needed a 'hand' (or beak) in opening it! So promptly got to work and 'helped'. Now some of you I'm sure think that helping is a useful thing to do. Now usually I'd agree with you.... well except when its a parrot helping you that is. They have a very different definition of helping. I've not quite fathomed it out entirely yet.

So this is the letter......

And here is Daddy's little 'helper'!

I mean how can you possibly be cross with that face? Even if that face tried to bite Daddy when he didn't want her to 'help' him open the letter..... You'd swear she was smirking wouldn't you?


tracy said...

daddys little helper looks very pleased with herself LOL

love the card net :)

Delphine said...

Your card is fabulous! So elegant, I love it! Hugs Delphine xx

Unknown said...

your wedding card is so elegant. Beautiful.

pinky said...

Lol you are a right case Net, your right, you couldn't be cross with that face lol. Love your card and your arty pic lol.

maddy hill said...

yep thats a smirk alright Net !lol ... i have the same trouble with the dog - he rips them to shreds !

what a super fab card , i love that cute image ! very elegant.


cookcreateread said...

Lovely card Net. Love the heart charm!

Karen said...

hahahahaha that is definitely a smirk Net!!!!

How lovely this card it and I think the background is perfect for it. XXX

Janice said...

I love your card Net, the flowers are beautiful.

The bird however looks decidedly evil!

Debbie said...

A charming card Net, I love that cute image and the flowers are gorgeous...
...That is a smirk...butter wouldn't melt eh...pity you can't train her to peck in a staight line it would make quite a good decorative border...or she can help you to distress your cards...rofl.
..off to bed now...
Debbie x
PS: He didn't get to Cyprus because of the Volcanic Ash! hehe