Monday 10 January 2011

Meet Lumpy!

Now as you may have seen in my last post I seem to have acquired the urge to sew... I mean I've managed to avoid it all these years (all 23 of them) other than the odd button or hem repair. Well this urge started with the acquisition of Flossie the sewing machine. After a while to recover I'd booked myself on a sewing course before I knew it! So I'd been there today and like a good girl I did my homework when I got home. Once I'd done I wanted to sew something else... but what? I didn't want to start on my lovely fabric in the previous post and make a pigs ear of it!

So it needed to be small..... after a scoot round I came across some felt.... so some cutting.... sewing - on my machine no less, the application of stuff and Voila! Lumpy was born!

Now if you examine this creature.... which is a 'cat of sorts' you will see he is appropriately named ;)) Now his eyes didn't come out the way I pictured them in my head... nor his ears which were meant to be pointy kitty ones... or nose are you getting the picture? I quite like his little heart though.

So Lumpy has taught me a couple or three things.... felt is not easy to turn inside out - especially tails! Little things are mighty fiddly, pins are very sharp!

So please be kind to Lumpy... he has feelings you know!


tracy said...

aww,lumpy is adorable:)
well done,and you're right-pins are sharp LOL

Di said...

Awwww, he's fab Net x

Squirrel x said...

Oh hun, now I've wiped the tears of laughter away and had a proper look at Lumpy .... well, he is .... err, what's the word? Oh I know, he's ADORABLE! I love Lumpy and I think he should have his own blog for all his adventures in Netland!! Hugs, Sxx

Kaz said...

Lumpy is so sweet Net - his character is showing already! xx

Karen said...

I LOVE Lumpy Net!!!!! and I love that he is lumpy...so much character. Well done my lovely!!! Felt is very hard to turn at corners so don't be put off will you? HUGS XXX

Hazel said...

Lumpy is lubbly x

Traceyr said...

hahaha Lumpy is lovely Net and yes pins are sharp!

At least you completed your homework.

Janice said...

Well done Net, I think Lumpy is cool!

wendy said...

awww Lumpy is very cute!

Look forward to seeing your next sewing projects!

Linnie said...

I LOOOOVE little lumpy

camcraft said...

Awwww.. Lumpy is totally fab. :-)Well done on creating him :-)
Carole x