Saturday 30 April 2011

Easy as 1 2 3!

Yay there Bloggettes - how are you on this sunny and breezy weekend? I can't believe its another long weekend! Mind you the Big L is not impressed, he's working again. I tell him to think of the money ;)) I'm not sure it works though!

Now a new challenge is on at Totally Gorjuss As always its easy (If I'm picking trust me they're always going to be easy). In fact its as easy as 1 2 3! What that means is you need 1 of one thing, 2 of another and 3 of another!

My 1 2 3 is 1 flower rosette, 2 nestie shapes and 3 ribbons. The images are all Molly Blooms - aren't they cute? This is a recipe box - though if you changed the image it coould be used for anything really. I think it could be adapted to hold photographs and display them too.

Now do you remember me giving you the news I'm now a step great grand mother which I know is totally unbelievable seeing as I'm only 23..... Well here is a picture of the little man himself. He is a lovely looking boy, not wrinkly at all!

Here's Isaac John, oh and the one who is wrinkly is the OM himself ;)) Little Isaac was very comfy and slept soundly, apparently he's not got the hang of this at night yet! Oops.


Janice said...

Aw congratulations to OM and Step-great granny lol! I'm sure you did that just to get one up on me! Enjoy!

Angelnorth said...

Great recipe box, looks fab! Congrats to the OM and to you, have fun being a step great-granny!

Hazel said...

Awww to the recipe box and especially to little Isaac John - what a sweetie. Congrats to the great grandparents! x

Traceyr said...

Congratulations Net and Lloyd on being grandparents. Get that sewing machine out and start creating boy things Net!


Lattice Sunshine Coast said...

It is memorable post

Organic Skincare said...

Congrats to the OM!!