Saturday 12 January 2013


OK I hope no one gets hurt!  I'm not going to get violent or anything!  I just don't want you to hurt yourselves when you faint because I've actually posted something!  I did threaten promise to didn't I?  So I'd better fulfil that part of the bargain!

Now this here (tiny for some reason) specimen is my card for the new challenge at Totally Gorjuss  This week the challenge is 'spots', yes they are there!  You may have to squint to spot them....

Oh and the eagle eyed among you will notice there's none of my usual desk crap behind the card!  No this is kitchen worktop crap instead!  Can't get into the craft tip at the moment due to poorly foot.... I'll bore you with that another time.

I only got up for a drink of water and here I am at the computer....


Hazel said...

Good to see you blogging with this gorjuss card. Take care of that foot (hope The Nurses are improving) x

Kat said...

Beautiful card Net. Love that snowflake edge. Hope your poor foot's getting better, don't think my lot would be good nurses either. Labradors are more inclined to give you a sore foot!

Take care,

Kat xx

Kaz said...

It's a pretty one as usual Net xx

Kath said...

Love the card, it is so pretty. Look after that foot. x

Angelnorth said...

Hope this means you're getting to do a bit of crafting despite having tolook after the foot!

Traceyr said...

hahaha yes I can see the spots! Hope the foot gets better soon Net.


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