Saturday 3 January 2009

Birthday book!

Brrrr! Cor blimey Bloggettes its perishing! Mind you its been like that all bloomin day - roll on summer I say. Oh Lordy I hope its better than the 'thing' we had this last year though. I think washout describes it quite well. ;))

So what has CM been up to since I last blogged? Well I went to Hobbycraft to buy paper stumps the other day and it was closed. PC World wasn't and somehow I sort of bought a lap top... like you do ~blushes~ So I'm still finding my way round it so to speak. I know they're all really similar but its different as well if you know what I mean! The keys on the keyboard are different - that will explain and funny typos you spot!

So onto crafting - I decided yesterday that I'd make a Birthday Book - now I'm famous/infamous for my memory - or lack of it! Why though can I remember useless bits of trivia and other tosh? Bizarre huh?

So in an attempt to try and remember everyone's birthday I thought I'd do a book where they could all be put in. I'm rather pleased with it really, once I'd got it worked out it all came together quite quickly really. Not bad eh? Especially when its made in a 9" square workspace!

This is my (poor) attempt at an arty type of shot!

Here you can see the front cover, covered with DCWV paper, (a stamped image which I thought was rather appropriate as she's holding an envelope! How perfect is she?) A few Primas, a brad and a few sticky pearls, I glossy accented the letters too in a rush of inspiration or something!

These are some of the pages inside. I made the insert sheets up on the computer and also the months. The pages alternate in colours, chocolate and turquoise. Some people might think I didn't have enough of each colour..... they'd be right! Oops! I needed 4 sheets of each colour. Typically I only had 3! Anyway I think the two colours worked well and it meant I could contrast the tabs too and I did the faux stitching thing too.
A bit of a closer view in case any of you aren't wearing your glasses!
So there you are my latest creation - I think at this width you could get at least 3 books like this from one BIA wire. So quite an inexpensive make into the bargain. All the other bits were from stash, the covers were mountboard covered with paper.

Till next time - keep warm! Because cor blimey its cold out there!


Hazel said...

Love it - you'll be super organised now! x

Kath said...

Excellent book, great idea. I might have to pinch it!! :)


Sam said...

loving this idea - I may have to pinch it too!!

Lynn said...

love it Net! must use my BIA

Kaz said...

Whata brilliant idea! It looks fab Net, well done, I may pinch the idea!!

Angelnorth said...

Looks fab Net, love the glossy lettering and clearly the alternating page colours were meant to be ;)

Karen said...

ooo what a lovely little book! X

Sarah said...

What a great book Net, it looks fab!

Gez Butterworth said...

Oooh, fabbydoo Net.

It's lovely, will definately have to pinch it!