Monday 5 January 2009


Is that a word? Well it is now! I've only had the door open to kick the cat out - literally! I had to shoehorn him out as I only opened it an inch! I'm kidding.... I opened it 2 inches! It was fun as this kitty cat is about 8 inches wide! He was a bit like a cork... Still he's got a fur coat on... He's back in now though tucked in his little furry igloo. Rather cosy, I wonder if they do human sized ones?

So a couple of pictures of my latest Birthday Book - in pink as requested. I did alternate the pages with a rich cream which I think works quite well as a contrast, a hint of green here and there to make it a bit more of a grown up pink. Well that was the plan! Even my OM looked at it and said how pretty it was - comments like that are usually crowbarred from him!

This shows the inside pages, I suppose in retrospect I could have done the text in green or pink. By the time I'd realised that though I'd got half of it stuck together!

Finally a picture of Albert! Albert is a caramel corn snake. The only thing is we now think he is a she... Albert has no idea of 'her' name though (ever seen a snake come running when you call it??) but Albert seems to have stuck - so Albert it is! Snakes aren't slimy, or cold. Albert feels lovely and silky when you hold her. If she gets the chance she heads up your sleeve or for a pocket. One of my favourites is when she got in the BIg L's pocket - she stayed there for ages and only came out when she'd had a poo! Oh how I laughed! He didn't think it was funny somehow..

Anyway Bloggettes keep warm and if you see any big furry igloos let me know!


Di said...

Your birthday books look fab x

Hazel said...

Another lovely birthday book. Can't say I'd want Albert to keep me warm - how long is she?

Kate said...

Net, your book is fabby. There is a little something on my blog for you. xx

Linnie said...

another fab book.."Note to self must do more crafting" love both of them net oooo and i luv Albert.


Kaz said...

Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhh to Albert!!!

Love your birthday books Net, they are fab. What make are the letters?

Net said...

Kaz - those letters are a mix of Nouveau, GAW and Sophisticate.

Hazel - Albert is around 30" long now

Rachelxx said...

Your birthday books are lovely Net :-)