Wednesday 4 November 2009

B O R E D!!!

Hi there Bloggettes! Oh boy am I bored! bored bored bored! In fact I'm B O R E D!!! In fact today I was so bored I almost (notice the word almost) watched Jeremy Kyle! Yup that bored, however I managed to pull myself together and changed channels - phew! In fact at the moment I feel I'm becoming something of an aficionado on daytime television. I can sum it up quite well - dire! I think that sums it up quite well.

I've still got my stitches in so am rather restricted to say the least. I get them out on Friday! WHOOO HOOO!

I can do a tiny bit of crafting - it takes ages though and I can't use scissors! Makes it fun when I try and cut things left handed or using a craft knife. I'm pretty lethal with one of those in my right hand! Extra entertaining in my left!

So here are a couple that I did manage to do - the images were previously coloured (thank goodness).

Both are the lovely Anya, papers on both by MME, flowers and trimmy bits from The Hobby House

This one has the same MME papers - from one of their lush Christmas pads. In addition a little net ribbon from Tabby Crafts She has loads of really fabby stuff and sends it out super quick!

Oh and now a real treat! While I was perusing an intense drama the other afternoon (either Murder She Wrote or Colombo) I suddenly thought all was quiet in the 'cage corner'. I snuck a little look expecting to see the babies asleep on their favourite perch or in their cute little bed (they aren't spoilt!) Sometimes Tinker will lay on her back with her tail stuck out ! Oh that's Harry's head, Tinker isn't that much of a contortionist!

Anyway Tinker is laid on her back but she's the other way round. Harry was giving her a tidy up and was preening around her eyes! How sweet is this!


Angelnorth said...

Good that you're managing something to fend off the boredom but don't you go overdoing it, ya hear?! Fab cards!

Hazel said...

Cute cards. Oh dear for the boredom - I can hear you yawn from here! Love the vid! x

Debbie said...

First off...two gorgoeus cards Net.
As for the boredom...join the club...but I quite like Jeremy Kyle...it makes me realise that other peoples lives are far more messed up than mine! LOL
Tinker & Harry are so sweet. Debbie x

Unknown said...

You poor thing Net! I avoid Day Time Telly like the plague ... you put one lot of dross on and before you know it the day has gone!
Rest up watching good movies is my advice ... a far more gratifying way to make the hours pass ... great cards BTW! Don't over do things ... a speedy recovery will be hindered by over exertion me thinks!

scrappinlil said...

Wow, cute cards...I just love the stamps you've chosen..so gorgeous...I also left you something on my blog...TFS

Kaz said...

Aaww Net, thats a lovely bit of film. I hope that Harry gets better soon.
Fab cards too, but take it easy xx

Bev said...

Glad to see you're not letting a few old stitches stop you lol. Both cards are fab hun x