Wednesday 1 December 2010

Oh no more snow!

Oh my! How much snow are we going to get?! I reckon now we've got almost 2 feet of the dam stuff! I almost fainted when I saw how much more had fallen overnight! Now yes it does look pretty but.... it makes everything so blooming difficult! Even our milkman couldn't make it today. Fortunately we had some in so cuppas were in order ;))

So a few more photos of my snow!

These two are at the bottom of the garden - its almost 3 foot deep there!

The mounds on the right are tree branches weighed down by snow.

More of the weighed down branches, I've knocked the snow off and hopefully the tree, which is around 7 feet tall, will recover without it having to be tied up. Its a favourite for the blackbirds to nest in.

Look at the snowy feeders!

More weighed down branches!

Now while I was out there I knocked as much snow off the trees as I could. Last year we had to cut some branches off which got broken by the weight of it. It must be heavier this year as there's tons more! I also cleared the feeders too. Now Mr Blackbird came and watched me, he didn't even wait for me to go before he came for a feed.

So for this snow I did have to get my wellies out which are longer than The New Boots. I did go out for more milk later on though and my feet were lovely and toasty warm and dry! So here are The Boots! Note those zips folks ;))

Oh while I was out poking snow off you might wonder where the OM was......

Yup here he is 'supervising' from the warmth of the house! he didn't even have the kettle on for when I'd finished either!


Traceyr said...

Fantastic fotos Net and I love your boots I bet your feet are lovely and toastie in those.

Cheeky OM hope you shook snow over him when you got inside hahaha :)

Sue said...


Hazel said...

I thought the same as Sue - he's got the right idea!! Great photos, but still don't like the white stuff.
Thanks for joining in my new candy - please put a link to it on here - either a post or something in your sidebar - ta very much (and I'll see if I can persuade random.org to select number 1 this time - lol x